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Are there building restrictions?

  • 5 years to build (exterior to be completed at minimum) *Note this is in effect from the date the lot is sold by the developer.  As all developer lots have been sold please check the date of the original sale as the timelines will vary. 

  • Exteriors to be earth tone finishes (stone, stucco, vinyl or wood siding.

  • Size - 650 sq. ft. minimum

  • RTM's are welcome


What are the estimated property taxes?

Property taxes are paid to the RM of Reynolds. Currently Property taxes on vacant land will be approximately $180.00 per year 1150 sq ft cottage/home approximately $700.00 per year

Stacking Coins

Are lots serviced?

(ie. Holding tank, Well, Hydro?)

Power is to the road owners must contact Manitoba Hydro to hook up the service. Septic Holding Tanks and Well will be at the owners expense, prices vary depending on individual preferences.


How is this a condo development?

The lakes, beaches and common area green spaces, will need maintenance/ground work. Roads will be cleared in the winter. This will be covered by a the $300.00 per year condo fee. 

Snow Plowing
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